Top 6 Ways to Style a Plain White Shirt

A plain white shirt can be made even more interesting by styling it the right way. You just need to put on the right accessories, and mix and match certain items. Here are just some ways for you to add style to an otherwise boring, white shirt and showcase your unique fashion sense.

  • 1.   Basic / Classical Look – This classic look is characterized by the usual pairing of skinny jeans to a plain, white shirt. If you have a soft V-neck white t-shirt, then consider pairing it with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans. This pair of jeans is slightly more polished than a lighter pair. 
  • 2.   T-shirt with Trench Coat, Structured Tote and Leopard Flats – A plain, white shirt is a basic piece of clothing. What better way to improve its classical and timeless look than pairing it with the basics. If you want to showcase a more grown-up and polished look, then you can wear your white shirt with a pair of jeans then layer it with a trench coat. Go for khaki if you want the coat to be more presentable.

    You can further amp this classic look with comfortable leopard flats and structured tote. If you want to wear additional accessories, then pick gold chain bracelet and rhinestone stud earrings. This can make you look more sophisticated.
  • 3.   Sporty Look – To showcase a sportier look, you can wear your t-shirt with a pair of comfortable sneakers. You can also pair this look with a jaunty baseball cap. This can help you effortlessly bring out a sporty, yet chic look. Accessorize it with a stylish silicone watch and a bright hoodie or varsity jacket, and you’re good to go.
  • 4.   Go all white – You can choose to go all-white by wearing the white shirt along with a silk-pleated midi skirt. This look showcases a more conservative silhouette, which also makes it a good office outfit. The all-white palette can also bring out a cleaner look.
  • 5.   Casual and a bit rugged look – You can display this look by wearing a plaid flannel shirt over your shirt. Don’t forget to unbutton the flannel shirt and further improve its warm look with a beany. You can further toughen this look if you wear lace-up combat boots. Accessorize by adding a studded jewelry or some chains and a rugged bag.
  • 6.   A more glamorous look – If you want to look more glammed up with just your plain, white shirt either for a night-out or a date, then consider adding something into your plain, white outfit that will add color and sparkle into it. Choose to wear bright stilettos. You can further bring out sparkle and shine to your outfit with a jeweled statement necklace. Match it up with a sequin clutter. This will add glitter to your overall look. You’ll look even more glammed up by wearing a wavy hair.

There are so many things that you can do with a simple, plain and white t-shirt. This article just mentioned six of the best ones. With these styling tips, you can turn your once simple white clothing into a chic and stylish one.